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Wickes semi framed fixed square bathshower screen 1400 x 900 mm. Our clear israelimade safety film covers your existing glass, absorbs impact, holds broken glass shards together, and instantly brings your glass up to asnz 2208 safety standards. Just be aware that each time you pick up the film you run the risk of getting dust or folds in the film. The film will bring glass up to british standard bs6202 class.

Glass safety film is designed to offer added protection after glass breakage by bonding together potentially harmful pieces of flying glass. Apply film to window frame with tape provided and the heat from the. Eliminates the need to scrape the glass and risk scratching it. The film protects the glass from breaking dangerously or cracking.

Press down from the middle and then out to each side. The glass will have a kite mark with british standard number bs 6206 there will be markings to identify the type of glass used i. Made with acrylic bonding technologies, these films ensure longterm anchorage, which means that broken glass will stay attached to the film. Self adhesive window films from the window film company. Glass safety films protect people by holding broken glass in place, thus reducing.

The edge retention adheres the film to the frame, reducing the risk in highly vulnerable areas by containing the glass fragments within the frame safely and securely until it can be replaced. The installation of 100 micron safety film will bring most glass up to the human impact safety standard as1288 as required under the building code of australia in some situations eg child care, aged care, etc. Buy precut for each pane or by the half linear metre. Wickes half framed radius bathshower screen 1400 x 900 mm. It can be used as an application for existing glass on vehicles, homes, and buildings to upgrade solar control, safety, and improve appearance.

When it comes to glass, safety is always a concern especially in busy public areas or when children are concerned. Safety films is designed to hold broken glass shards together and thereby reduce the risk of glasscut injury. Common designs include toughened glass also known as tempered glass, laminated glass, wire mesh glass also known as wired glass and engraved glass. It will also bring glass up to the same safety standard as safety glass and helps to protect occupants from injury and even death caused by flying shards of glass when a window is smashed. Safety glass is glass with additional safety features that make it less likely to break, or less likely to pose a threat when broken. Glazing in doors glass which is wholly or partially within. It can be easily wiped clean and offers 95% uv protection so protects furnishings from fading without any loss of light. The only instance that safety film would be needed these days would be for very old, prob in excess of 10 years old patio windows or old glss fronted furniture or very old internal glazed doors. Install security film to a glass door and protect your home. Find a complete selection of specialized and decorative hardware for the glass, window, and door industry. Window covering film allows light penetration while obscuring the view. Easy to fit secondary glazing film which is a simple and costeffective way of saving energy and money by reducing heat loss and preventing draughts.

Glass safety film window safety film is a less expensive option to upgrade nonsafety glass to bs en12600 standard which has superceded the bs6206 standard. The high quality and durable film is reusable and leaves no residue. Cover windows, mirrors, and glass doors with clear, scratchresistant safety film to reduce the cost of vandalism. If internal doors are that old then you might consider having them re glazed with modern glass anyway for your own families safety. This film is widely used in schools and other public buildings to upgrade existing glass to the required health and safety standards. Demonstration window video fitting secondary double glazing film is a. This dcfix static cling frost effect window film is an instant solution for privacy or adding decor to plain glass. Safety film comes in clear, frosted or as a combination reflective film. Johnsons trident safety and security films are durable and built to protect you. Safety and security window films are polyester, or pet films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered similar to laminated glass. It can be used in hotels, schools, and universities, banks, government offices, and health care services. Glass panels less than 250mm wide can be fitted with 6mm glass or laminated glass instead of toughened glass.

Increase safety accidents and natural disasters can wreak havoc on your building operations, but you can be better prepared to cope with the aftermath. Axgard polycarbonate clear impactresistant glazing sheet x 3050 x 4mm 560gp class 1 fire rating. An uninsulated window is brilliant at cooling down all the lovely warm air in. Windows are the weakesk link thermally speaking in your house. Safety window film prevents shards from falling should windows be broken. Wickes curved front shower bath screen for p shaped baths 1500 x 752mm.

No other company will offer up to 7 different roll widths or a precut service at the same price for the. Safety film and mirror backing richelieu glazing supplies. Other glass safety tips apply stickers to glass as a warning to children this also may reduce the number of birds colliding with your windows too. Static cling etched glass decals window film world. Avoid the need for curtains with our range of window coverings. Window film is easily applied directly to your window with its staticcling technology, it is easy to apply or remove. Safety glass should be fitted in all doors and other windows or glazed areas that are lower than 800mm from the floor level. Glass containment systems should be installed in conjunction with antishatter safety film to improve retention in the event of a breakage. Properly installed trident films effectively protect against the hazards of broken glass.

For home safety and security film page gila window film. The choice of films means that there is a product available to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements, with fully trained staff on hand to provide advice about the film most suitable for your particular circumstance safety film can be applied in conjunction. Use the squeegee or a credit card to push the air bubbles and liquid out of the film. Applying our safety film is far more affordable than replacing expensive glass and much faster. The film works by holding glazing together in the frame if broken by accidental or malicious damage, in turn preventing it from falling in on itself and causing injury or damage. Sureguard window films enhance the privacy, security, and safety of glass surfaces. Window film is a selfadhesive film made of polyester that is applied to glass surfaces. Also very useful where decorative stained glass has been retained. An application of specialist safety window film from the window film company can serve to bring your glass up to safety standard. Axgard polycarbonate clear impactresistant glazing sheet 620 x 2500 x 4mm 915gp class 1 fire rating. How to do simple double glazing with window insulating film.

L for laminated, p for plastics, t for tempered toughened, w for wired or sfb for safety film backed. All window film reduced by 40% now no need to insert a code. With 99% uv rejection, these films also reduce fading of fabrics. Screwfix protects windows from plaster, paint and dirt during building and decorating works. The main difference between film and laminated glass is that these shatter safe films can be applied to the glass or glazing after manufacture or installation, i. Since these nonadhesive decals cling to any smooth glass or plastic surface, you can have a lot of fun getting creative with where you put them. Safety 3m building window solutions 3m united states. While the window is still wet you can move and reposition the film.

In doors where the glass comes within 1500mm from floor level. Buy online then collect from hundreds of stores nationwide. The film is available in a range of different thicknesses and strengths, as well as in a number of different finishes. Static cling application means window films are fully removable, leaving. Provides privacy when added to various locations around your home or business. Safety glass in glass doors do i need safety glass in doors. How shiny the film appears from outsideas a reference, plain glass is 8% 60% is very shiny specification guide. Broken glass, when covered with safety film, is easier to replace and reduces cleanup. Glass safety film glass security film window safety film 30 76.

Window film lets you create a sense of privacy while letting plenty of light through and can be used to transform windows, doors and bathroom enclosures. A wide variety of safety film for glass options are available to you, such as pe, pvc. Our etched oval decals are ideal for sliding glass doors, glass windows, shower doors, glass shower enclosures, recreational vehicles, glass top tables, glass cabinet doors, and mirrors. Safety window film and glass manifestation can be installed to glazing to meet the minimum standards set out in current glass safety legislation, or the extendedadditional standards based on individual risk set out in the workplace regulations your legal responsibilities with regard to glazing are governed by two key areas. Building codes may specify that glass near certain hazardous locations, such as wet surfaces, doors, floors, ramps and stairs, meet certain safety glazing requirements.

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